Version 4.0.0 Final Release:
This is the final release of BootZilla v4.0.0. It contains several enhancements over BHT, including a very slim boot cd, and better support for small updates. A list of all included apps will be released as soon as I can make one up. :)

BootZilla v4.0.0: Changelog available here.

NOTE: If you're running v3.9.1 through RC-1, please download the latest build below, and replace any existing files in your BootZilla directory. The Update function is intended to be used with FUTURE updates, not current releases.

Grab the latest build here [Updated 12/13/07]
Grab the latest BootZilla Development tree SNAPSHOT in the library.
Grab the latest FULL DOWNLOAD here. [160MB, Zipped]

Grab the older builds here