Work, work, work

BootZilla is still in development. Lots of people have asked if it is still alive – it is. I’ve been working on various other side projects for the time being, as well as starting a new job, so the project has taken a backseat for the time being, but whenever I can, I try to work on it.

ESET, the producers of NOD32 Antivirus, now offer a free Ubuntu-based LiveCD that I’m investigating in using as the basis of the boot functionality for BootZilla. The great thing about it is that it offers a fully functional virus scanner, without the need for a license, and includes partitioning tools as well.

Additional tools and reworking of existing tools have been added/removed/replaced. As soon as I can, I will update the BZDB and beta download to reflect these changes. There are known issues with the scripts in the beta that have already been corrected. There’s no reason for administrator privileges for the Ketarin downloader to work, so that code will be removed in the next beta release.

(Honestly, the next ‘beta’ should really be the final version by now. Version 6 has been in development for 3 years now, with several re-starts of the project and tool set. These days, there are still very few alternatives, which is why development continues on this project.)

Work Continues!

Updated Beta 8 database

The BZDB file has been updated and fixed for missing files. Currently working on the rest of the toolset in order to release a final ISO build of BootZilla v6.0. No idea on the timing of when this will be complete, but to all current users and testers, try updating the bzdb file with the current beta version of v6. It should work fine, but if it fails, let me know in the comments section so I can fix it.