Notice to people trying to compromise my server

I’m not going to allow it, I’m calling this person or botnet out on trying to compromise the site. Luckily, some of us actually value security on our wordpress installation.

I cannot fathom a reason for an attack like this. There is really no reason for the site to be a target; no one ever complains in the site comments, and no one has ever sent an email to the developer account for BootZilla.

Updated Beta 8 database

The BZDB file has been updated and fixed for missing files. Currently working on the rest of the toolset in order to release a final ISO build of BootZilla v6.0. No idea on the timing of when this will be complete, but to all current users and testers, try updating the bzdb file with the current beta version of v6. It should work fine, but if it fails, let me know in the comments section so I can fix it.