An Oversight on My Part – BZ Release Woes

The deadline I set for myself has been over for over 8 days. I haven’t had a chance to work on BZ for a while, with work and health taking precedence over this side project.

As such, there’s really no way to set a deadline, from there on out, so the ‘latest’ version will be done when it’s done. I’m taking a page out of Gabe Newell’s book, and 3DRealms – don’t rush it. It could take a while, but the final product will be great and a joy to use.

Besides, I make no money from this… No one has ever donated to the project, in the past 10 years of its existence. I continue work on it just to make my life as an IT guy a little easier – instead of having to hunt down the tools I need, I manage a nice little package of up-to-date download scripts, for my personal peace of mind – then release it for the rest of the IT world to use, or grow on.

An Update…


I still plan on finishing the new version this weekend, with a final release ready for use by December 1st. What time on December 1st, I do not know. It’s likely to be later in the day (for US users, anyway. It’ll likely be December 2nd for the rest of the world).

Final bits and pieces needed:

  • ¬†Boot CD functionality builder
  • USB Boot Image Builder (may be added later on)
  • fix some of the logging in the cmdlets

Work will continue. As an aside, here’s some demographics of the site’s current traffic –

Most traffic comes from Italian users! The USA is second to Italy in viewers of the site. This tells me that in the future, an Italian translation would be beneficial – the good news is, most applications included are already multilingual – just the instructions need a proper translation. I’d like to reach out to my Italian users for this. If you can help with this small side project, get in touch with me!