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BootZilla is based on several iterations of a project called BHT. However, the name BootZilla has its roots in a previous project, which existed as a computer techs' toolkit from 2002-2004. BHT was built up on that project, as an alternative, and eventually replaced it altogether.

In 2005, BHT was known as BencHToolz, and was later shorted to just BHT. In 2006, as BHT version 2.0 was released, the project saw a surge of new users, and has since been known as an All-In-One toolkit for any computer diagnosis and repair.

In 2007, BootZilla made a triumphant return as a much lighter product, weighing in at just under 170MB, including boot cd functionality.

Now, in 2008, BootZilla v4.2.0 updates the functionality of BootZilla to a more perfected one; New features, such as automated server snapshots, and mini patches are now available for use. Version 4.2.0 is the greatest release yet.

A PDF of the entire family tree/timeline can be found here. This PDF has been updated through version 4.2.0.

BootZilla has, and always will be free (as in beer).