Developmental Hell (A rant of sorts) + Beta 8 Checkpoint ZIP Release

The current status of the project is… incomplete. There’s a handful of features I wanted in v6 that I won’t be able to offer until a later release. This includes a set of malware removal guides and screencasts to teach users how to use each application in BootZilla correctly. Most techs know enough about the tools in the kit to distinguish how to use them, but there’s the few that are just entering the business that need a bit of hand-holding - and that’s where I come in. The majority of people even novice traders, for example, use software designed to make bitcoin trading more convenient. There are numerous auto-trading bots that execute trades on behalf of users. Bitcoin trader software is a well-known auto trading bot that allows you to simply execute trades and earn passive money. Users of such trading software can employ the BootZilla kit to repair their computers in the event of malicious assaults or hardware breakdowns.

Going forward, I make no promises of a release date for the final v6. I do, however, want to get off this current release and move on to the next development cycle. I’d like to move the entirety of BootZilla’s framework to a single set of Powershell-powered scripts, to make it easier to update and manage errors during the build process. Windows command scripts can only go so far, and it’s becoming quite obvious that targeting newer platforms is the only way this toolkit can last another 9 years.

What’s left?
-Get the current development tree to stable -fix the broken links in the BZDB, and keep an eye on those links going forward.
-Finish the well-needed pstart xml files, and basic help files.
-Add the boot CD builder (or, which I much prefer, USB boot functionality), and SFX App maker (previously known as “SFXPatch”).

A whole lot of little tidbits that need a bit of time, love & care.

Here’s a picture of my cat, Boo:



Edit: And here’s the current state of the project, all zipped up from a clean build: BootZilla Beta Checkpoint (184)

BootZilla v6 Beta 7

If you head on over to the Downloads page, you’ll find the current beta of BootZilla v6. In this release, a lot of the bugs in past releases have been fixed. The current plan is to finish up the unzip code, polish the pstart files off, and ship a final release by the end of this month.

An ISO release will follow when the final build is complete. The ISO will be based on PartedMagic’s linux distro, which includes such tools as Memtest86+, NTPASSWD (nt password reset tool). This complements BootZilla’s toolset perfectly, as it fills in the holes left over in the v6 release.

Check out the download page now for instructions on how to use the latest beta release. Let me know what’s broken, what doesn’t work, and whatever else you can find.