Minor beta update release

Very minor updates to the CMDLets that should resolve a bunch of problems in the last release.

The last release was -ahem- buggy. A handful of tools need to be re-sourced and re-implemented, but will likely have to wait until template2 is fully re-written.

BootZilla Beta 2.1

Just a minor update for the interim. Consider this Beta 2.1.

July 7, 2015 –
Removed Old Timer’s Temp File Cleaner (need to find a mirror)
Removed Amphetamine (URL no longer resolves, tool no longer listed on foolishIT.com)
Updated Display Driver Uninstaller to latest release and fixed URL issue
Updated PeStudio to latest version
Fixed ADWCleaner cmdlet

June 2015 Beta released

I’ve released the latest beta, updated thru June 2015. Lots of small changes, and development changes in the pipeline. Some examples of these changes can be seen in the newer template2.cmd that’s included. More work needs to be done, but at least this has some updates that were needed.

BootZilla Beta – June 2015

The latest beta release with updated CMDLets. There’s a changelog now!

Includes current work on template2, as well as a few other bits and pieces.