Upcoming Patches

BootZilla version 6 will be the next upcoming release. A complete re-write of the update code is the main feature, as well as a more-refined approach to tool selection.
The only downfall of this new version is that it will no longer be easily upgraded to from previous versions, due to the complete obliteration of the previous codebase and directory structure.

BootZilla version 7 will include the bits needed to move on up to the next iteration of the toolkit - support for WindowsPE, full integration with FoolishIT’s D7 utility, and fully functioning bootCD integration/creation utilities.

BootZilla version 8 is slated to be the long-awaited WindowsPE-based boot environment, which will require a special licensing agreement from Microsoft to be able to be offered here legally, but will be well worth the time and effort.

  1. I just downloaded a new tool from PiriForm called speccy. It returns tempature and fan speeds in an attractive GUI.


  2. I plan on including Speccy once it’s out of beta.

  3. Howdy from a fellow full-time PC repairer. It’s always nice to see that someone else has settled on more or less the same set of tools I regularly make use of. Handy tools I make use of that might make useful additions to yout toolset are:

    - A tool to recover license keys. I tend use the free magical jellybean tool (http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/).
    -A temperature and fan monitor (you mention the need for this above). Speedfan (http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php) is a little cumbersome but works on a broad set of hardware.
    - A tool to remove invalid shortcuts from the desktop and start menu. These are east to miss after cleanup up an infected PC and although harmless are very visible to customers.
    - avgremover and avgremover64. Like symnrt and the macafee cleanup tool, sometimes this is necessary to remove a failed or corrupted installation of this popular AV package. Similar tools exists for avast, bitdefender, f-secure and kaspersky although I very rarely need them.
    - A standalone process manager (such as ibprocman) for breaking into locked-down systems.
    - A partition manager, particularly one that can rearrange partitions. A bootable g-parted CD or USB stick does the job.

    Thank you in return for Victoriaa and Decrapifier - two very suefuls tools that were new to me.

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