Monthly Archives: August 2012

Progress Update

As of August 1st, development of BootZilla 6 is still ongoing, slowly. More work has been done to reduce the toolkit to its base necessities, in hopes of delivering a better overall experience for users. I hope to have a final release done in the next 3 weeks. After which, development on version 7 (WinPE-based) will begin. Some of the work done in version 6 will help version 7 become a reality a lot sooner than initially projected. The likeliness of a release this year of version 7 is quite high.

The idea behind BootZilla v6 is to layout the base set of tools that will push v7 out the door. The best part about this release is the small footprint, along with the older reasons, like a proper writeup of each tool, in an easy to use launcher (pstart will be making a comeback soon). There’s a lot on this plate in terms of features and functionality, but once it all comes together, it’ll be easier to update and keep going for years to come.

If you have any feature requests or program requests, feel free to make a suggestion in the comments section - I’m willing to add anything that seems like a die-hard missing feature from the toolkit.