BootZilla has been developed over the course of the past 6 years by one person, and released to the general public for free since day one. It was originally a simple toolkit to help in removal of basic adware infections, but as time has gone by, it has evolved into a universal computer tech’s toolkit, with various applications included not only for adware removal, but for an optimal system toolkit.

Since 2005, BootZilla has included an incomplete boot cd functionality, which with version 5.5 has been fully replaced with the wonderful SARDU software, which allows the end-user to build either a boot CD, or a bootable USB disk with their selection of bootable utilities, and a copy of BootZilla stashed inside. This allows BootZilla to be burned onto a CD, or placed on a USB drive, and share space with other bootable toolkits.

Future versions of BootZilla will use a Windows PE environment. For now, the simple solution is to use SARDU to build a CD with BootZilla and another vendor’s bootable Windows PE disc.

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