The latest changelog follows:

BootZilla v6 Beta 1&2 (partial changelog) -

Rebuilt entire scripting functionality of BootZilla.
Replaced wget with Ketarin
Simplified updating and patching functionality. No longer relies on buggy cmd scriptlets (aside from launching Keterin and downloading the latest BZDB.db file)

BootZilla v5.5.x Changelog
-* Designates an update or bugfix.
- Designates a removal
+ Designates an addition.
*~* Designates a design change.

BootZilla v5.5 Build 110411
-* Server-side updates are now automated, so the names of files have changed in the sfxpatch3 file
-* Updated 7zip to v9.21 beta
*~* Added a line in sfxpatch3 to make sure 7zip exists before it attempts to run
-* Updated SARDU to 2.0.2c.

BootZilla v5.5.0 Build 110215 [Final?]
*~* Fixed and tested all cleanup scripts. Removed the need for a build-specific cleanup file.
*~* Removed some older apps and actually removed them using the new cleanup system
-* Updated the SFX creator to use more generic filenames, which link to files on the BZ server
which are updated via scripts to the latest versions of the software. Should resolve some problems.
+ Added latest version of RemoveFakeAntivirus
-* Updated SetupImgBurn to v2.5.5.0
-* Updated all SFX’s on the server to their latest versions
-* Cleaned up outdated entries in the index.html file.
*~* Force-update of 7zip on every build, to ensure that the end user has the latest
7zip to decompress future patches properly, since we’re using LZMA2 now
-* Fixed issues with index.html, and found a few mis-linked files (SFX’s, since SFXPatch3 was introduced).
Packaged with Parted Magic v5.9 in an ISO

BootZilla v5.5.0 Build 101230 (Public preview release)
-* Updated ImgBurn to the latest release (
-* Updated all 7zip executables to version 9.20
+ Added new updates/.cmd file for this build
+ Added ImgBurn installer to Apps
*~* Removed majority of code relying on logger.exe and ncr.exe
-* Now using built-in echo functionality instead of add-on apps.
Except where necessary in bzupdate.cmd, for logging purposes
+ Added SFXPatch3, which is re-written from the ground up.
+ Added universal Virus Sniffer SFX creation to SFXPatch3
+ Added AVZ antiviral toolkit SFX creation to SFXPatch3. Also updates the definitions.
+ Added all Piriform utilities to SFXPatch3
+ Added Testdisk 6.12-WIP to SFXPatch3
+ Added UnknownDevices to SFXPatch3
+ Added title to most of the scripts, so the script describes what it is to the user.
*~* All 7zip archives are now compressed using LZMA2
-* All cleanup scripts have been updated to reflect all the new SFX’s and such
- Removed a bunch of utils and various bits that are really of no use

The work on version 6 has been halted at this point in time

Version 5.x will live on for now :P

BootZilla v5.4.0 Final Build 100527
- Removed WSCC, since it never works right on other machines/usb keys
+ Re-added Sysinternals Suite download to bz_utils
-* Updated uTorrent to the latest release
-* Updated all SFX’s on the server
+ Added select Nirsoft utilities, plus a link to in Index.html.
* There are many bits of code that are brute-force fixes, because, well, development has halted…

Older patchnotes are no longer relevent to version 5.5, and have been removed
for ease of reading.

This project uses GPL-Licensed code:
7-Zip provided by
WGET provided by
ImgBurn provided by
A copy of the GPL License is included in the root directory of BootZilla
A copy of ImgBurn’s License is included in the root directory of BootZilla
In no way is BootZilla affiliated with BootZilla Productions, or Bootsy Collins.
BHT, BHTproject, BootZilla, are (C)2004-2012 by Jim “jimmsta” Gall.
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