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BootZilla v6 Beta 5 Preview

I’ve done a lot of work today on getting BootZilla closer to finished. As of right now, I’m just picking and choosing the last few applications I feel need to be added. If you would like to test Beta 5, grab the starter package HERE and run the update script included (UpdateBZDB.cmd). This will grab the latest BZDB file, which contains the current set of tools. Next, run BZUpdate.cmd to load Ketarin with the updated database, which will allow you to build a clean BootZilla toolkit on your local system.

New in this release are a bunch of Antivirus removal tools, specific malware removal tools from ESET, and various other utilities I feel are needed for any tech toolkit.

Enjoy, and let me know of any wacky bugs you may encounter. This is the latest build of BootZilla version 6.

Where has development gone?

I started working on version 5.6/5.7 over a year ago at this point, with the intention of releasing before the end of last year. Obviously, that really didn’t happen, mostly due to time constraints and procrastination.

As for the past year, most work has been directed at adding tools to the very awesome tool D7 by FoolishIT - but as time wanes on, I find that D7 itself is limited to adding new applications and having them download and execute properly, so I’ve gone and fallen back into dev-hell and began re-developing BootZilla v6 as an additional set of tools to D7′s normal lineup. I only mention D7 as I’ve been using it almost exclusivley this past year as my personal toolkit - and I do suggest that those that are more tech-oriented take a look at it, and buy yourself a license, as it will cut down the time you take running tools, especially thanks to its Full-Auto mode.

As such, the lineup of tools does overlap some, but not all - there are UI bits in D7 that really make it a good solution for techs, but there’s a lack of describing what each tool does, which is why I’ve continued developing BootZilla for the past 8 years.

Version 6.0 will be released before the end of the year. I need it, and you need it. It’s time for BootZilla to shine once again.

Ultimately, the toolset has not changed much since the early beta releases of 5.6 and 6.0, of which have been made very briefly to a handful of testers. The major changes that are coming will be made public in the coming days, and will ultimately be shown on launch day.

Many have asked how much money this project makes, and I can honestly say that BootZilla does not make any money. It is a project that I do for fun, and to help the non-techies out there fix their computers - it’s really intended as a personal-use product. All I do ask is to click on the advertisements, just to help pay the hosting bills :P

In conclusion of this news post, I hope I have been informative, and encourage everyone to offer up their advice and suggestions, as that is how BootZilla was formed and has survived all these years.