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In July of 2007, BHT is announced as deprecated. A pre-release alpha of BootZilla is released on July 31st. Less than a week later, a beta is released.

On September 14th, 2007, BootZilla v4.0.0 was released.

During October and November 2007, several test patches were released, first starting off as v4.0.1, with minor changes, then upgraded to a v4.1 patch. Further changes to the code caused the version number to be bumped up again. The v4.1.x series patches are considered to be BETA/DEVELOPMENT-quality, while the next stable version will be from the v4.2.x tree. This is keeping in line with some other projects way of keeping track of development/stable builds.

Currently, we are up to version 4.1.3, and continue working towards v4.2.0, which may be released as a 2007 XMas present.