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About BootZilla

May 31st, 2009

BootZilla is a set of utilities to aid in removing and cleaning up virus and spyware infections. It is geared to be very portable, and offers a boot function for hardware diagnostics, while providing a set of useful utilities to help I.T. professionals in doing their jobs.

It has seen constant updates and revisions over the past 5 years. Version 5.1 is the latest release, which builds upon the reliability and portability that BootZilla’s users have come to know and love.

The following tools are included:

Installable Apps
7-Zip v4.65 Free archive utility. 7-zip is the primary compression format that BootZilla uses.

Microsoft Installer Cleanup Tool Free Utility to repair broken MSI installations

uTorrent Extremely Small BitTorrent client.

Victoria for Windows Free hard drive testing utility. Can report SMART data, and remap failing sectors. Highly recommended.

Anti-Malware Tools
AIMFix (2000/XP/2003, Vista/7 w/Run as Administrator) Simple Instant-Messenger virus removal tool. Detects several different variants of viruses and rootkits. Highly Recommended.

Combofix (2000/XP Only) Free utility that detects several different variants of malware, viruses, and rootkits. Highly recommended.

Microsoft Security Essentials (32-bit XP)
Microsoft Security Essentials (32-bit Vista/7)
Microsoft Security Essentials (64-bit Vista/7)
Free Antivirus suite from Microsoft, for all current editions of Microsoft Windows. Has a very small footprint, and a great price (FREE)! Recommended.

HijackThis 2.0.2 Free utility designed to allow reading of hidden startup programs, and Browser Helper Objects. A well-known tool, highly recommended.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Freeware/Shareware designed to detect and remove most malware infections. Highly recommended. Supports Windows 2000 thru 7.

SmitfraudFix SFX Free utility that can detect and remove various Smitfraud-based infections. May cause your antivirus software to panic, as it contains a process-killing piece of software. Please note that this is NOT malicious software!

Spybot Search & Destroy SFX Don’t want to install Spybot? Run this fully updated SFX.

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.2 Installer Installer for the latest Spybot Search & Destroy!

VundoFix Free utility designed with one thing in mind - eradicating Trojan.Vundo infections.

Runnable Utilities
ATF-Cleaner Utility designed to quickly remove temporary files from a system.

FAB’s AutoBackup Free utility designed to quickly backup and restore a user profile and all data under a user profile. Highly Recommended.

CCleaner SFX Portable version of CCleaner application. Designed to remove temporary junk files. Also offers a decent registry cleaner.

Dial-a-Fix Utility that offers several repair functions for Windows-internals. Can detect and remove local policies, as well as several other tools. Highly Recommended.

ERUNT Emergency Registry Backup Utility. Recommended. For 2000/XP only.

EZPCFix Free utility designed to read and write remote registries off of hard drives. Can also be used to recover corrupted registry keys. Recommended.

FSOptimizer SFX Free disk defragment utility based on JKDefrag. Optimizes boot files to promote a faster boot time. Highly Recommended.

LSPFix Free utility designed to allow access to the Layered Service Providers in the registry. Can detect improper settings and remove them.

McAfee Product Removal Tool Official McAfee Removal tool designed to remove all McAfee security products.

MyDefrag SFX Free Defragment Utility with easy to use GUI, and multiple defragment methods.

Norton Removal Tool Official Norton-branded product removal tool. Recommended.

PC-Decrapifier Free utility designed to detect and remove junk-ware pre-installed on Dell and other OEMs Systems. Highly Recommended. Technicians must purchase a license.

RegAlyze Free Registry management tool from the makers of Spybot

System Information Viewer Utility designed to quickly and efficiently display all information about a system.

StartUpLite Free utility that detects and prompts the user about several unneeded startup programs. Can either disable, delete, or ignore the choices it auto-selects as unneeded. Highly recommended.

Sysinternals Tools Suite BootZilla only includes Essential Sysinternals Tools. Highly Recommended. Select utilities listed below:

AutoRuns - Free utility designed to allow viewing and deleting auto-running applications on system bootup, including services and drivers.

Process Explorer - Free task manager-like application. Can replace task manager, and displays much more information than task manager.

TCPView - Free utility to monitor TCP/IP connections incoming and outgoing from the local machine.

TestDisk/PhotoRec v6.11 Free tools designed to recover partitions and files from broken hard drives.

UnknownDevices Utility designed to detect and report hardware that is missing drivers. Provides an easier way to search the internet for a proper driver.

Unstoppable Copier Free utility designed to copy files from failing media (hard drives, network drives, and optical media only)

WinsockFix Utility designed to perform one function - restore the Windows TCP/IP stack to its default settings.

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