What is BootZilla?

BootZilla is a compilation of tools intended for use in diagnosing and fixing computers. Whether it be virus infections, or hardware failure, BootZilla has been designed from the ground-up to be a complete computer tech’s repair toolkit. Over the past 9 years, technicians from around the globe have used BootZilla to fix computers, whether it be on the small scale or enterprise level.

BootZilla is Free! Since the start of the project, one goal was to always offer a free toolkit for technicians. In the future, we hope to branch out into a paid edition, as per requests from several users over the years.

BootZilla has been previously known as BHT and BencHToolz. It began as a toolkit for computer techs back in 2003, used internally at a small computer shop. As time went on, it became increasingly useful and was turned into a publicly available toolkit.

Since 2004, development has been off and on, with five major releases, made available in all corners of the internet. For 3 solid years, the toolkit was stuck in development-hell, while version 6 was in development. It has since been discarded in lieu for a new, better, Less is More approach.

Coming in the next few months, the official Fall/Winter 2014 release will grace this page with its presence.