Goodbye Apache/PHP/MySQL - Hello Nginx, HHVM and MariaDB

I think all the connection issues have been solved as of ~3 minutes ago. I spent the past two hours getting rid of all traces of php5 on my server, to force HHVM in its place. After doing so, all the weird issues with php execution on the server seems to have settled down. I don’t know what the deal is with fastcgi execution of php on nginx, but it’s unstable and logging doesn’t help much.

BootZilla development is just as strong as ever. After using the current set of tools in the field, I’ve found that there feels like a lack of certain anti-malware tools. More testing of additional tools is needed before I go and add them to the toolkit. There’s a lot of useful tools on the net, but a lot are either lacking in documentation, or intended for analysis of malware, and not so much for removal of malware.

Keeping a watchful eye on these types of tools is a lot easier today than it was even 5 years ago. There’s a push now for keeping your personal information private – and people are always looking for ways to get themselves protected. The general public seem to be more aware of what companies are trying to do when it comes to advertisements. As of right now, has no advertisements. I do not intend on adding any, either. It doesn’t make much in the way of money, and only helps malvertising, which is counter-intuitive to the project.

Getting this website back up and running took a lot of work. Now that it seems to be stable, real work can be continued on the toolkit.


Migration and life

Life has gotten in the way of my plans to migrate the site in a timely fashion. Luckily, I made time for it today and made some headway. The site is back up and running to a point. I need to restart the whole download repository idea from scratch, but that’s another day/week/month away from now.

I’ll be sending out password resets once the site is further along. For now, you may bask in the knowledge that:

  • 7-Zip finally has a new stable release! version 15.12 came out this past week.
  • BootZilla development is NOT dead, it’s just hiding on a couple flash drives and computers
  • Lots of updates to how the whole toolkit works and updates are in the works
  • Re-teaching myself how to maintain a linux server takes a lot of time
  • SSL isn’t enabled yet – this is the one thing I want to get done before re-enabling user signups and accounts.
  • ???
  • Profit!

Site migration in progress is currently being migrated to the new web host. It will take a couple days to get everything going. We’re moving away from an apache backend to a private server running nginx. As such, there’s a handful of wacky issues that need attention before migration will be completed.

As of writing, BootZilla updates should still work, regardless of the state of the site. The few dependencies that BootZilla does not ship with can be downloaded through the normal scripted means — there exists a hidden directory that contains mirrored files that are only accessible via direct linking/downloads – these are already migrated and intact. The rest of the downloads will follow.