An Update…

I still plan on finishing the new version this weekend, with a final release ready for use by December 1st. What time on December 1st, I do not know. It’s likely to be later in the day (for US users, anyway. It’ll likely be December 2nd for the rest of the world).

Final bits and pieces needed:

  •  Boot CD functionality builder
  • USB Boot Image Builder (may be added later on)
  • fix some of the logging in the cmdlets

Work will continue. As an aside, here’s some demographics of the site’s current traffic –

Most traffic comes from Italian users! The USA is second to Italy in viewers of the site. This tells me that in the future, an Italian translation would be beneficial – the good news is, most applications included are already multilingual – just the instructions need a proper translation. I’d like to reach out to my Italian users for this. If you can help with this small side project, get in touch with me!


Notice to users

Due to ongoing attempts to gain access to the site illicitly, I’m disabling commenting and putting the site into maintenance mode until I can ensure that the site is fully protected. Currently, there appears to be attempts to log in with fake usernames. I’m leaning towards paying for a proper CDN and SSL certificate, as well as various other enhancements to keep the site and its repository safe.

It appears that the attacks started around 3pm EST today, and have continued for the past 3 hours. Until this is resolved, the site and its content will not be able to be commented on.

As for BZ, I’ll be uploading a new beta build in a day or so. The final two weeks are upon us!