CMDLets ‘Test Script’ Repository

For the time being, I’m slowly adding a handful of new programs in the form of cmdlets. Since I’d rather not bother with releasing minor versions of the beta, I’m just using Google Drive to synchronize some of these new scripts. They may have issues that I haven’t ironed out yet, but if you want to test them, it would be of great help to me. Simply drop each cmdlet into the cmdlets directory, and either run them directly or from BZBuilder.;=sharing

I’m going to have to rewrite a bit of the code I had set aside for the BootCD functionality, as I made the mistake of eliminating the boot cmdlet I had created in a previous, unreleased alpha build. As such, expect to see some Boot functionality begin making its way into the next 2-3 beta builds.

Pre-Beta Released!

Today, after basically a month-long hiatus, I’m releasing pre-beta 1. The work in this release was initially considered alpha 4, which was scrapped. Re-development took place over the past month, with several additions to the toolset.

This release includes SyMenu with a pre-release configuration. Additional tweaks will be made to the configuration as tools are added and organized. Some files will be moved around before the final release, as the tools have begun to get a bit disorganized.


The final release will be ready before December 1st 2014. That’s a promise I intend on keeping.

Several new tools have been added, including: Norton Power Eraser, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit, TeamViewer, TestDisk, HitmanAlert, TempFileCleaner, FRST (and the x64 variant), PC-Decrapifier, BlueScreenView (x64 as well), AVG Remover, Kaspersky Remover, and OldTimersLog Tools. A few other goodies are hidden in the compilation. If you can think of any more tools to be added, leave a comment.

As it is, I feel that this is almost a complete toolkit. Just some final touches are needed, and the rebuild functionality/usb boot functionality need to be created.

A week off… a step forwards and backwards

I took a week off from development, after attempting to re-write the cmdlet template – not once, but twice – and having it be a complete failure.

I’m taking the time now to try and re-organize the template files, clean them up as best I can, implement loops wherever possible, variables and constants, etc.

The next build has the following projected features:

  • BootCD Functionality
  • SyMenu integration

This also means that the next public build will likely be released as Beta 1.

Want more? Leave a comment, suggest a feature, drop me a line –