December 24th, 2009

BootZilla v5.3 Changelog
-*  Designates an update or bugfix.
- Designates a removal
+   Designates an addition.
*~* Designates a design change.

BootZilla v5.3.0 Build 091224 Final
-* Updated CCleaner to v2.27
+ Added Recuva SFX to Utils
+ Added contact email info into top of bzmenu.
-* Year of copyright is updated to 2010.
+ Added win9xbackup.cmd script to all builds of bootzilla.
*~* By default, 64-bit apps are downloaded and updated by BZUpdate.
-* Updated all SFX files on server
-* Updated all non-SFX files on server
*~* CPU-Z is now separated into CPUZ-SFX and CPUZ64-SFX (64-bit support)
-* Updated UnknownDevices zip on server; Includes updated chpsdevs.txt from SFXPatch v2.4

SFXPatch v2.5 Build 091224
+ Added CPU-Z 32/64-bit SFXs
+ Added Recuva SFX
+ Added Siv x64 SFX to Utils
-* Changed Spybot SFX creation to use spybot update functions.

SFXPatch v2.4 Build 091127 (Internal - these changes merged with v2.5)
-* Updated SIV SFX creation to build an x64 SFX alongside the x86 SFX
-* Updated chpsdevs.txt and url pointing to new file on bz server (UnknownDevices)
*~* Simplified creation of MyDefrag SFX
- Cleaned up unused functions
-* Updated CCleaner SFX creation to look for a single “” file on bz server (less updates to script)
*~* Now uses current winapp.ini file from Piriform forums in SFX for additional cleaners.

BootZilla v5.2.0 Build 091007 HotFix
*~* Supports new BootCD functionality -
Fully re-written bootcd build on UBCD v4.1.1
Modified Bootzilla.ibb project for proper bootcd functionality.

BootZilla v5.2 Build 091007 - Final
-* Fixed file creation to make it open properly in every zip application
*~* Changed designation of build to non-internal
-* Minor updates to SFXPatch2.
- Removed NOD32 antivirus in lieu of Microsoft Security Essentials
++ Added all versions of Microsoft Security Essentials
+ Added MyDefrag SFX to sfxpatch2.
-* Updated and corrected bad links in index.html.
-* Fixed improper download of pc-decrapifier-2.0.0 file in bz_utils.cmd.
*~* Finalized style-sheet for index.html.
-* Fixed a few bugs that cropped up in the updates files. Should now clean up all old files properly.

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