Monthly Archives: September 2011

September 2011 Update

Work has been slowly progressing on version 5.whatever, with more emphasis on moving on to a WindowsPE-based system, because a lot of the current infections are nastier than ever - a bootable cleanup utility is more viable these days than the standard ‘install mbam, run scan, remove infections’. Those days are somewhat over. In the past month, I’ve seen probably about 10 MBR rootkits, on about 1/4th the systems I’ve serviced, along with other nasty infections that needed HDD removal in order to clean the system (scanning the hdd in another system). A boot cd would circumvent these sorts of problems.

I’ve removed the bitcoin generation thingy. It didn’t make any monetary sense - at this point, with the value of the BTC down to around $4.80-5.10 USD, the fractions of a fraction of a fraction of a cent that the site has been generating is just not worth it. This should stop alienating users of the site.