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BootZilla version 6 - Open Beta

Today I am releasing BootZilla version 6 Beta! Check out the description for instructions on how to use it. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but it will soon be ready to go. Currently, I hope to finish before March of this year, possibly pushing for a Valentines Day release!

Note: You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 in order to build BootZilla.


First beta release of BootZilla 6. Extract to a directory, and run “BZUpdate” from the ketarin directory. Once Ketarin opens up, click the button labelled “Update All”. This will download, and extract all the tools that BootZilla contains into the appropriate directories.

Currently, there appears to be an issue with pre-existing directories, which results in newer binaries not being extracted to the pre-existing directory.

Download the BootZilla Beta (91) Now!