In regards to the SOPA and PIPA bills currently in congress and the senate, I’ve begun moving my registration of all bootzilla-related domains from GoDaddy over to NameCheap. As such, a simple whois query will now show the NameCheap whois protection as the owner of the domain. This shouldn’t matter to the end user, but I suppose that it could confuse some people that are security-conscience, and want to know what’s going on beyond the bootzilla project.

As for the project, I’ll be building a new PC over the next week or two, and development will continue from where I left off a few weeks ago. BootZilla v6 has been tested on a few ‘other’ systems, to ensure that it works properly on all pc’s and Windows OS’s - Windows 2k through 8 are supported for building and maintaining, with unsupported functionality on Win9x as well.

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