Minor update

I’ve done some minor updates and released a stop-gap beta  on the downloads page. Changelog can be found here: https://www.bootzilla.org/sdm_downloads/beta-1-5/

I’m still in the process of rewriting the template that all the cmdlets are based off of. There’s a handful of changes I have planned. I don’t have much time allocated to the project at the moment, due to life and stuff. There’s a few other projects out there that I spend time on, and have been working on learning Arduino stuff in the little free time I devote to hobbies as of late.

Feel free to contact me via the site for any additional tools you’d like to see. I’m planning on adding a few more bits and pieces (bells and whistles) to the kit before it’s considered done. Not to mention some sort of updating functionality, which is still missing – I may decide on implementing a git repository for the cmdlets in the end, so that it can be easily built upon and rebuilt on as time goes on. That, and making the project more public is a good idea in the grand scheme of things. Too many projects like this one are closed source, with all the downloading functionality hidden within either a .NET control, or some proprietary file host that only responds to the client software that the developer pushes. Ideally, all the data that I process into scripts could be all scraped into a database and linked on a single page – which I may end up doing in the end, as a devblog post.

That’s enough words for today I think. I’m running out of time for leisure activities on this weekend day.

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