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BootZilla v6 Beta 7

If you head on over to the Downloads page, you’ll find the current beta of BootZilla v6. In this release, a lot of the bugs in past releases have been fixed. The current plan is to finish up the unzip code, polish the pstart files off, and ship a final release by the end of this month.

An ISO release will follow when the final build is complete. The ISO will be based on PartedMagic’s linux distro, which includes such tools as Memtest86+, NTPASSWD (nt password reset tool). This complements BootZilla’s toolset perfectly, as it fills in the holes left over in the v6 release.

Check out the download page now for instructions on how to use the latest beta release. Let me know what’s broken, what doesn’t work, and whatever else you can find.

Welcome Snow Plow Show listeners

I listen to far too much of the Snow Plow Show and don’t get BootZilla past the current release hurdle. Perhaps I should be listening to the show and developing this software instead of not developing it.

Special thanks to RBCP for the shout-out on his randomly-scheduled internets-radio show, found at