Version 6.0 Beta 7 is ready for testing!

Download Link:

This version needs testing. Here’s some instructions on how to use it (not all features listed are present in this beta, but will be present on release)-

Download the file, and extract it to a folder on your computer.
It will contain a pre-built directory structure consisting of:


Within the ketarin folder, there are two Windows Command Scripts, one is called UpdateBZDB.cmd, and the
other, BZUpdate.cmd. Executing UpdateBZDB will get you the latest BootZilla DataBase file for Ketarin.
This will grant you the latest download links and any bugfixes needed for the processing of the files.
Running BZUpdate will open up Ketarin with the appropriate database file. Clicking “Update All” at the
bottom of the window will then download all the tools that BootZilla comes with.

Once the files are completely downloaded, you can venture forth into the directory you placed the contents
of the file, and take a look at all the tools contained within the various subdirectories.
You should also now have pstart, an application that makes it easy to figure out what programs in the
toolkit you can run (and will give you a good description of what each tool does, when I get around to that).

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  1. I can’t wait to ultilise the power of Bootzilla, I have heard a lot about it. Here it is now to prove the pudding, as it is normally said that it is in the eating.

  2. I am excited to use this much talked about program

  3. I enjoy using the program but the first download did not go well, so i want to do it again

  4. Had to edit bzupdate.cmd as JinRI advised in order for the base download to proceed. Had to create a DIR in root of unpacked called BZ and sub dir named ‘Utils’ in order to receive apps via bz_utils. Apps downloading as i type. Will update on progress…

  5. I love Bootzilla! It’s pretty much replaced my own tool collection, except for some networking and active directory tools. How long before the 4.2.8 or 5.1 release? The home page has said ‘within a week’ for quite some time.

  6. I’m fixing that “within a week” thing… The next patch release will be out within the month of January. The 5.1 release will occur shortly thereafter.

  7. In the meantime that author prepares then new version,
    I found something old here : (143 MB)

    Danilo - Italy

  8. I’m a terrible admin. I lied. Version 5.1 will be out and about before my 23rd birthday, which is March 20th… so that should give everyone some sort of timeframe for the next release.

  9. This version will not be upgradeable to v5.1, but it can be used until v5.1′s final release. <- The last fully supported version. I’m working on making it fully upgradeable to v5.1.

  10. I was able to download this version 4.2.6 here also.
    Have not used Bootzilla yet but looks like a great set of tools included in one awesome package.


  11. Geoff Whitaker

    Thank you looking good as the Beta situation.

  12. I downloaded this:
    Download v5.1 RC-1: Updated March 26th, 2009 (1.5MB ZIP)

    Which is not an ISO. The next item down, is 404′d.

    Does anyone know either what to do with v5.1 RC-1 zip file, or where to find the latest fucntioning iso? (Or documentation on what to do with the download?)
    The FAQ seems to be a bunch of user comments. Not being mean, just looking for advice.

  13. There’s currently no ISO release, as the code has not been finalized. Once the code is finalized, a full ISO release will happen. At the moment, the zip file contains the latest files that can build an ISO. If you open the zip file, there’s a Readme file that explains the build process. I will be revising the FAQ with a guide on how to use BootZilla in due time.

  14. bravi

  15. am so glad to use bootzilla and to test it

  16. I downloaded twice. Both showed error (file corrupt) when trying to extract. Is there a problem with that file? I am at the moment downloading it a third time (I really want it, as you can see).

  17. I didn’t have trouble extracting the older archives for version 4 and 4+, but this one won’t extract right, the kind of compression is not supported by the unzip archives that I tried.
    How can they be extracted right for WinXP SP2? Which unzipper works best?
    I need a freeware kind that works without problems, my unzippers work with anyfile except the last 5.1 version of your program and I even downloaded it 2 times already just in case.
    Thanks for any help.

  18. I got it is O.K. now.
    7z465.exe did it.

  19. I hope that this is what I need. Had lots ofscrewups so far.

  20. When attempting to build the ISO I’m receiving an error “cannot find archive,” What am I doing wrong? I have already built the BootZilla package and I have ran the updates

  21. Are you using the ancient 5.3 release? If so, there’s probably some wacky old bug that I never bothered fixing. I’ll be releasing v6 in a few weeks, which will resolve all these old bugs once and for all.

  22. UpdateBZDB.cmd getting 404 error.

  23. I honestly thought I fixed that in this release. Guess not.
    For now, rename BZDB_OLD.db to BZDB.db, and only run BZUpdate.cmd.

    The command script needs to be re-written, as it was basically ripped from v5.3′s mess, with very little done in terms of testing.

  24. In the cmd file had to change file name from BZDB.db to BZDB.DB. Works now.

  25. Can’t find pstart in any directory not downloading.

  26. It’s currently not in the ketarin download, as I haven’t taken the time to create the xml file that goes with it. Feel free to take a look at the current beta release (beta 8), which still does not include pstart, but is getting closer to a final toolset.

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