A week off… a step forwards and backwards

I took a week off from development, after attempting to re-write the cmdlet template - not once, but twice - and having it be a complete failure.

I’m taking the time now to try and re-organize the template files, clean them up as best I can, implement loops wherever possible, variables and constants, etc.

The next build has the following projected features:

  • BootCD Functionality
  • SyMenu integration

This also means that the next public build will likely be released as Beta 1.

Want more? Leave a comment, suggest a feature, drop me a line -

What’s up with BZ this week?

Over the past weekend, the overall structure of a cmdlet was cleaned up, but in turn, it opened up a lot of new bugs in the logic that I had not forseen. I could just drop all this cleanup, and drop support for proxy servers, but that’s not ideal. I’d like to make sure all people can access the toolkit.

As of today, I’m going to re-write the template I base each cmdlet off of, then re-implement each tool in the new template structure.

Features I plan to include are:

  • Proxy Server Support
  • Backup Download Links
  • Locally hosted files on BootZilla.org (for some apps that would otherwise eat the individual authors’ bandwidth)
  • Clear instructions on how to use the template file

If I have enough time, I’m also going to build a script that will auto-generate a cmdlet, which will simplify the creation of these scripts, and reduce the amount of re-work I have to perform between releases and test versions of the toolkit.

What this means to the end user: Easier to manage and create your own scripted downloads, as well as a more proper download function that has logic to reduce bandwidth use in the long run.

Boot CD/USB functionality will also be added in to this new revision of the scripts. Currently, a very small bit of code for this exists in the ‘alpha4′ BZBuilder, which needs to be expanded on in order to be made useful. The only functions currently in are the search for, and execution for any cmdlet in the boot directory. The next bits include integration of iso-regeneration and usb-bootable image creation. These last bits will likely make an appearance later on in either an alpha5 or beta 1 release.

One last thing - SyMenu will be the official launcher app for BootZilla. Once the scripting is completed, work will begin on integration of SyMenu into the toolkit. It’s a very useful tool that will make using BootZilla very intuitive for both Techs and end-users alike.