One Week In: Proof Of Concept release!

I’ve completed a week worth of coding and testing the new build script. Currently, NT5 is NOT supported, due to the lack of the forfiles utility in the OS. I’ve tried numerous workarounds, including attempting to use the Windows 2000 version of Forfiles, but it seems to not work properly with the command switches I need for the script to work properly. More work will be done to try and get some form of NT5 support in the final build.

There’s a lot of missing logging bits in this POC, but at least it works, even if you run it as admin. A lot of work went into testing this early alpha look at the new toolkit.

Let me know in the comments what you want to see changed/included. The few tools in this release are the very first cmdlets I’ve created so far. I intend on offering all the tools I was going to have in the *ahem* cancelled v6 release, and then some.

BootZilla leaps off the tallest building… and out of development hell

Version 6 will not be released. Ignore its existence for the last 3 years. It was stuck in development hell for too long, and became stagnant.

BootZilla will continue in the shadow of the original toolkit, in a much smaller scale. In this case, Less Is More. I use that phrase when I work on computers - keep the OS clean, don’t load it up with extra bloat, and you will have a speedy system. With this sort of-mantra in mind, the next version will be developed and released periodically on a Quarterly release schedule. This means Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall releases, with optional minor patches to correct incorrect file url’s and the like.

The ‘future’ ideals of yesteryear will not come to fruition in the original development path. Don’t take this as a bad thing - take it as a huge leap in the right direction.

BootZilla - Fall/Winter 2014 — the first release of the new toolkit, will internally be known as version 1 of the new re-tooled toolkit and scripted updater. Subversions will be used for any post-release patches, should there be any need for them.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop me a line on what you, the user, the admin (computer janitor), wants to see in the re-invented BootZilla toolkit. All pages will be updated as I see fit, to broadcast the message of what BootZilla is supposed to be.