Crushing bugs and taking names…

Today, I’m happy to release Alpha 3 of the new BootZilla toolkit. As far as I know, there are no known bugs in this release. The issues with ccleaner not properly extracting have been fixed. Several new utilities and applications have been added to the toolkit. It is nearly feature-complete at this point.

The last remaining bits that need some more fleshing out include: boot cd functionality, iso creation/usb img creator-writer, some sort of launcher app, … I’m sure I’m missing something from this list.

Download -

Addon-pack functionality will be tested in the next version. This may be the last alpha, I don’t know for sure whether or not that’s the case at this point in time, though. I’d like to get this out to as many testers as possible, so the eventual beta releases will be done and out of the way sooner, rather than later.

Alpha 2 is released!

I spent some more time debugging the new cmdlet template, and came up with a somewhat-functional alpha for tonight.

CCleaner currently does not extract, which is a bug that I will continue debugging tomorrow. For now, a handful of tools will download and get placed in their appropriate folders. Take a look at the template.cmd in the “test\build\” directory to see how to build a cmdlet. Submit your own to a service like pastebin, and I’ll review it, and possibly add it in.

I am planning on offering ‘AddonPacks’, which will be processed separately from the main loop, for advanced sysadmins that are ok with false-positives. So far, I’m planning a nirsoft pack, as well as a handful of other useful packs that can add functionality to the toolkit. Currently, there is no code nor menu in place to handle this, but it is a planned feature.